Task T2.6 (Teams) Tue 26 Oct 21 -

OrderNameCheckRadiusSS/ESDistanceSS Dist
TOD01Entry400 m 0.0 km0.0 km
1B32Entry37 kmSSS2.7 km0.0 km
2B32Entry3 km 36.7 km34.0 km
3D01Entry1 kmESS72.5 km69.7 km
GOALG01Semi100 m 73.1 km69.7 km

Paragliding World Cup 2022

La Rioja, Argentina

RankIDNameNationGliderSponsorStartFinishTimeSpeedDistanceDist PLO PSpd PScore R Pts
1 Parapente Mag News, equipment reviews and travel reports from around the World 975 20
 0272Simon GARTNERFRAEnzo 3/GR3Cap 360 / Jérôme13:15:0015:19:2002:04:2033.673.1365.5154.7458.1978  
 0276Jules CROIBIERFRAEnzo 3/GR3CAP 360 / ORKADIS13:15:0015:19:3302:04:3333.673.1365.5153.6456.2975  
 0621François CORMIERFRAEnzo 3/ExoceatLigue Pays de Loire - Angers13:15:0015:20:5402:05:5433.273.1365.5161.0444.8971  
2 Jack 8 Jones The Paragliding World Cup’s favourite clothing company 959 17
 0066Franz SCHILTERPEREnzo 3/Kanibal Race 2hotel sol y luna13:15:0015:18:2702:03:2733.973.1365.5150.6466.8983  
 0289Youri PITTELOUDCHEEnzo 3/XR7Tissières SA13:15:0015:19:4102:04:4133.673.1365.5138.7455.0959  
 0278Christoph DUNKELCHEEnzo 3/Genie Race 4Team-Blacksheep13:15:0015:19:5002:04:5033.573.1365.5152.3453.70(-) 
3 Ozone Always innovative, the inventor of the SharkNose and the two-liner 954 15
 1162Yassen SAVOVBGREnzo 3/XR7 13:15:0015:20:5502:05:5533.273.1365.5153.3444.7964  
 0063Felix RODRIGUEZ FERNANDEZESPEnzo 3/ExoceatOZONE -ALFAPILOT -CERTIKA - AirSportsChamonix -JUL13:15:0015:21:1302:06:1333.173.1365.5145.8442.3954  
 0551Pal TAKATSHUNEnzo 3/ExoceatOZONE | www.paltakats.com/masteracro13:15:0015:20:3602:05:3633.373.1365.5147.7447.2893(-) 
4 Vetor Vetor, based in Andradas Brazil, organiser of Paragliding World Cups 951 13
 0797Daniel ZARAGOZAVENEnzo 3/Genie Race 4 13:15:0015:20:4502:05:4533.373.1365.5144.4446.0956  
 0416Ricardo NAVARRO MARQUEZVENEnzo 3/XR7 13:15:0015:21:2002:06:2033.173.1365.5144.5441.4951  
 0274Frank HENRIQUEZUSAEnzo 3/Kanibal Race 2     27.8139.00.00.0139  
5 Kortel Design Developers of top class flying equipment and harnesses since 1998 929 12
 0281Gleb SUKHOTSKIYRUSEnzo 3/XR7Crimea-Paragliding.com13:15:0015:20:3402:05:3433.373.1365.5150.6447.5964  
 0086Andreas MALECKIDEUEnzo 3/Kanibal Race 2MWZ 24, Flugschule-Freiraum, DHV, AIR 3, Ozone,13:15:0015:22:4502:07:4532.773.1365.5132.8430.5929  
 0225Denis POGOLSHARUSEnzo 3/XR7Na13:15:0015:19:4002:04:4033.673.1365.5147.9455.10(-) 
6 Fly Turkey Turkish delight, spectacular volcanoes, booming thermals 925 11
 0418Pablo Peque HERNANDEZARGEnzo 3/Genie Race 4Hernandez materiales13:15:0015:19:2902:04:2933.673.1365.5154.4456.8977  
 0304Federico RODRIGUEZARGIcepeak X-One/XR7Vulture - Import club lentes13:15:0015:24:2902:09:2932.373.1365.5141.9418.0925  
 0244Michel GUILLEMOTARGEnzo 3/Exoceatniki–ara–kati13:15:0015:33:3202:18:3230.273.1365.5132.2359.20(-) 
7 Niviuk Amazing adventure 898 10
 0292Giuliano MINUTELLAITAIcepeak X-One/Kanibal Race 2CIRO SPATARO MEDICAL DEVICES / FLYMASTER /AIR3 /ko13:15:0015:18:2202:03:2233.973.1365.5150.7467.7984  
 0515Christopher COTEUSAIcepeak X-One/ExoceatTorrey Pines Gliderport, Paleotreats, Bali Secrets13:15:0015:28:4402:13:4431.373.1365.5142.8389.3898  
 0361Deonir SPANCERSKIBRAIcepeak X-One/Genie Race 4LBCP Liga Brasileira dos Competidores de Parapent13:15:0015:47:3102:32:3127.473.1365.5105.0278.7749  
8 Cross Country Magazine International Free Flying Magazine - In the core, since 1988 889 9
 0290Ernesto HINESTROZADEUEnzo 3/ExoceatDGFW.club; DHV; Kontest.eu; talkyoo.net13:15:0015:23:0502:08:0532.773.1365.5142.6428.1936  
 0375Srdjan RISTANOVICSRBEnzo 3/ExoceatXperience360, FlyFit13:15:0015:28:4102:13:4131.373.1365.5133.5389.7889  
 0261Veselin OVCHAROVBGREnzo 3/ExoceatRedBull / ozone / vivacom13:15:0015:46:0202:31:0227.773.1365.5107.5286.8760  
9 Air'G Products The Acro family who just love to have fun with their feet off the ground 857 8
 0471Alvarinho Blas LUCEROARGEnzo 3/Genie Race 4JL Pretensados - Fidensa SA - OM Yoga13:15:0015:18:2502:03:2533.973.1365.5149.8467.1982  
 0280Ignacio ORTIZARGZeno/XR7 13:15:0015:33:4402:18:4430.273.1365.5133.1358.0857  
 0339Hernan PITOCCOARGEnzo 3/ExoceatRedbull, Ozone, LigthStudioDelux13:15:0015:17:5602:02:5634.073.1365.5154.3473.50(-) 
10 Chinese Taipei Gliding Sports Association Chinese Taipei: the new top place to take off 677 7
 0584Marcelo VIDALARGEvox/XR7 13:15:0015:31:5102:16:5130.673.1365.5123.5369.6859  
 0210Javier FUNES NICHELEARGEnzo 3/ExoceatTecnored 13:15:0015:56:1402:41:1425.973.1365.579.6231.9677  
 0318Lisandro EANDIARGLeopard/XR7Mecanica Eandi  
11 Woody Valley Harnesses famous for their quality of finish and attention to detail 644 6
 0889Gabriele D'ARRIGOITAEnzo 3/XR7AeCI - Aeroclub d'Italia13:15:0015:52:4102:37:4126.573.1365.597.9250.7714  
 0919Evgeniya BELOVARUSZeno/XR7 13:15:0015:58:5502:43:5525.573.1365.560.7217.9644  
 0208Stef JUNCKERZAFEnzo 3/XR6Parapax and DUREX13:15:0015:23:1402:08:1432.673.1365.5140.6427.00(-) 
12 Nearbirds The Ukrainian expert in running comps, trips and making harnesses 633 5
 0284Jhusbel RUIZ LUTHERBOLGin Boomerang 11Cdd-GAMC-GAMS13:15:0015:36:5002:21:5029.573.1365.5117.5339.4822  
 0488Miguel ALEMBOLLeopard/GenesisAndesXtremo13:15:0016:02:1602:47:1625.073.1365.566.7200.6633  
 0823Diego ALEM MORALESBOLSigma/Lightness 2AndesXtremo    32.2160.80.00.0161  
13 Alas del Hombre The Mexican Mecca for Monarch butterflies and humans with wings 601 4
 1202Adrian Martin ACOSTAARGEnzo 3/XR7SHAUIN13:15:0015:38:5302:23:5329.173.1365.596.4327.4619(-) 
 0641Carlos HERNANDEZCOLEnzo 3/Genie Race 4Camila - Rampa Villafuerte - Paragliding Chiquimul13:15:0016:04:3302:49:3324.773.1365.546.6188.9601  
14 Flow Paragliders High Performance Paragliders from Down Under 120 3
 0415Violeta JIMENEZUSAZeno/XR7 13:15:0015:45:2002:30:2027.873.1365.5104.3290.7761  
 0447David SNOWDENAUSSpectra/Genie Race 4SkyGypsies    24.0120.00.00.0120  
 0941Bill HUGHESUSAEnzo 3/Genie Race 4Super Fly, Eagle, FlyXC.org13:15:0016:28:1103:13:1121.773.1365.527.473.00(-) 
15 Wind We train the adventurers of today and the friends of tomorrow 93 2
 0888Austin COXUSAEnzo 3/Genie Race 3Blue Bolt Gear, NorthWest Paragliding 13:15:0015:40:3902:25:3928.773.1365.5111.0317.2794  
 0721Marcos ROSENKJERUSAEnzo 3/XR7Atlas Digital13:15:0015:23:1502:08:1532.673.1365.5150.8426.993(-) 
 0913Jay CADYUSAEnzo 3/XR7Progression Paragliding/ Alive and Well    5.627.90.00.028  
16 Flying Tree Environmental Management The environmental agency who use paragliders for Aerial Reforestation 44 1
 0390Pablo MASTRICCHIOARGZeno/XR7Up Rad, clona2team, parapente litoral    29.4146.90.00.0147  
 0446Miguel Osmar TROTTAARGZeno/XR6Mas Siete - Parapente Litoral - MIKE/PRO IND BIKE    8.844.00.00.044  
 0441Eduardo SANCHEZ GRANELARGZeno/Genie Race 4Cau Cau13:15:0015:18:0802:03:0834.073.1365.5151.3470.40(-) 
PEN0278Christoph DUNKEL-100% of own pointsMore than 50m above airspace ceiling
PEN0551Pal TAKATS-67 absolute points11m above airspace ceiling
PEN0225Denis POGOLSHA-100% of own pointsMore than 50m above airspace ceiling
PEN0244Michel GUILLEMOT-100% of own pointsMore than 50m into airport airspace
PEN0339Hernan PITOCCO-100% of own pointsMore than 50m above airspace ceiling
PEN0208Stef JUNCKER-100% of own pointsMore than 50m above airspace ceiling
PEN1202Adrian Martin ACOSTA-170 absolute points21m above airspace ceiling
PEN0941Bill HUGHES-100% of own pointsMore than 50m above airspace ceiling
PEN0721Marcos ROSENKJER-850 absolute points47m above airspace ceiling
PEN0441Eduardo SANCHEZ GRANEL-100% of own pointsMore than 50m above airspace ceiling

Task Statistics


Scoring Parameters


Task Validity


Maximum Points

Total Pilots: 70 Nominal Distance:50.0 km Launch Validity:1.000 Max Distance Points:365.5
Pilots Landed Out: 15 Minimum Distance:3.0 km Distance Validity:1.000 Max Leading Points:161.0
Pilots at ESS: 56 Nominal Goal:30 % Time Validity:1.000 Max Time Points:473.5
Pilots in Goal: 55 Nominal Time:01:15 Task Validity:1.000 Max Task Points:1000.0